Thursday, December 6, 2007

to the fixed gear riders

Has your lockring ever come loose? Do you want to make sure it doesn't? Has it been a couple of weeks since you tightened it or you just want to make sure it's tight? I recently got some Hozan lockring pliers:

I had my lockring about as tight as it would get with the Park wrench, but the Hozan pliers offered about another 1/6 to 1/5 of a turn. I will hopefully bring it on the next Critical Mass. I will be in New Hope this weekend and hopefully in town after that if you want to borrow it.


Tyler said...
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Tyler said...

there is another solution you can use simply get your lock ring and your cog on just hand tight then casually pedal up to about 20 mph or so and skid stop that bitch as hard as you can the cog will slip backwards but the two will become conjoined at the hips like circus freaks and your cog will no longer slip forward then when it comes time to remove the two rota-fix the cog forward then remove the lockring by hand....or you could just epoxy that shit on there

Anonymous said...

We need to have one of these made to SAG our alleycats.

Bill B.