Sunday, September 21, 2008


This almost sounds like fun.....

Bicycle polo enthusiasts gather in a Eugene park to knock-it-around

No horses allowed.

Just bring your fixed-gear bike, your homemade mallet and your joie de vivre — because they play bike polo in France, too, you know.

It’s been around for more than a century, but the “urban version,” the let’s-get-together-and-find-a-hardcourt-surface-to-play-on version, is “growing exponentially,” Eilif Knutson of Corvallis says.

Knutson, 24, has been playing bike polo for about five years. Last winter he found a “bike-trick” video on YouTube made by Eugene’s Sean Watters. It was filmed on the basketball courts in Washington-Jefferson Park, under the Interstate 105 bridge. “And I just thought, ‘Cool, we’ve got some skilled riders here in Eugene — let’s see if any of these guys are interested in polo,’ ” Knutson said Thursday night in the park.
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