Friday, October 10, 2008

Cyclists visit LifeSouth to promote vital gifts

Times Staff Writer
Five Points of Life tour to go to 6 states on 2,000 mile ride

A group of cyclists rolled though town this week looking for donations - but not for normal monetary handouts.

The cyclists hoped to entice people to give blood and related donations: blood, apheresis, marrow, cord blood, organs and tissue. read more here


Anonymous said...

did anyone do this?

Bello Velo said...

I don't think so

inc123 said...

I am already on the Bone Marrow Donor list (since 2001?)-- they did it as part of a blood donation, when I was working on RSA. I have contribution more than 3 gallons of blood so far. I started giving semi-regularly when I found out that one donation could save 5+ newborns (I like babies), and then as blood donation went down (like critically low, which is now typical) I found out that a lot of donations end up helping more than one person. There is almost no spoilage anymore, because there is no extra to sit on shelves, particularly in the HSV area. I didn't give this time, because of my recent surgery, you can't give for a certain period of time afterward & actually, can't say I feel healthy yet anyway.
I would like to encourage healthy people to give- whether at an event or just any ol' day. Most times you get free T-shirts, 4 free movie tickets, and sometimes other things too. There are several donation sites downtown that are easily accessible on bikes, by my stds. Aside from helping others, donating often helps the donor too-- lowers blood cholesterol, lowers iron level (often helpful to men who eat red meat)-- I'm sure you can Google other benefits if you are actually interested.
You can even give under a group name like as urban cyclists / commuters or something, if you wanted some goodwill PR. You never know when one of your cycling buddies will need blood; it's good to have it one hand when it's needed-- you might be glad even if it is mine. End of sermon.