Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lady is the Boss - Bicycle Fight

Thanks Peter


Anonymous said...

Wow, by far the best bike related kung fu ever.

I loved the squealing tires! I know that's the same sound my bike makes when I'm rippin' around h'ville.

much more damage could have been done if they were sporting some pegs yo!


Anonymous said...

whoa little dude, are you suggesting that cyclists stick up for their friends? no way man. duck & cover. or is that duck & quiver. i forgit.

Anonymous said...

place accusations in context plz? jesuseffinchrist nolen, let it go already.

ash said...

oh and btw that last one was from me, not jim.

Anonymous said...

go ash, wham bamm beat em up. kung fu. whomp, slap, kick. spin kick. chop. trash. stomp. get em. destroy. kill. slash. burn. win. win. win.

inc123 said...

You got it wrong again Ashely-the-divine-know-it-all. Yes, all people who disagree with you are definitely me. How quickly you turn on people! How quickly you blame, shame, bully. I'm impressed with your character, it is people like you who make cycling in Huntsville exactly what it is and will be. Will you mourn one dead cyclist just to kill another? Is that who you are? Before you cast dispersions look around you.


seriously, who else would leave that comment about jim? with your recent activity on local forums,

why am I not to believe that you are posting as multiple people?
all I asked you to do is stop. this isn't about me, it's about our common cause to promote cycling. i am simply doing damage control.

and i absolutely WILL NOT accept any kind of attack on my husband, who you so severely cut out of your life when he wouldn't defend your own unpopular actions with the SCCC.

Have you thought for a moment that you may have hurt him by shutting him out like that? Grow up, there are more feelings in this universe than your own.

Anonymous said...

These issues need to be resolved outside the computer blogging circle. I am grateful to have friends that support me, and very grateful to have a wife that does the same. I do not however, and will not engage in anymore computer aided hate from this point on. I will fight the battles that I think need fighting but will in no way continue using the internet to spread negativity toward any one and I would hope that those who have issues with me confront me in person. I assure you that the resolve in a face to face setting will accomplish much more positive goals than this.