Thursday, October 23, 2008

If you have not registered to vote yet

Go Vote 8 more years of People hearing voices in their heads and thinking it is god speaking to them is ......Insanity

Last day to register is October 24th


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the voices are okay. It's hard to tell where exactly they come from really. I believe the voices come from a subconscious place of more pure reasoning. It is how they are interpreted that makes them seem scary. When people are chanting rhythmically, it usually does induce some trance-like reactions. When beginning to be entranced, there is a layer of subconscious noise that follows. It is this subconscious noise that people think is God, when really it is a mix between deep thought and random thought. Once fully entranced, the thoughts do start to organize themselves very nicely. This meditative state is where the superconsicious speaks, which is a "higher self". People like Sarah Palin never get to that "quiet place" in their mind, they never think too deeply because when doing so the thought is often very collective and considerate of all. So after praying, going and hunting animals and going an promoting the destruction of natural lands is hardly "godly".

Witchcraft is based around principles of superconsciousness, part of the reason why it fundamentally considers all life sacred. So I wish Sara Palin, that you are filled with witchery, so you can begin the road to a more collective thought process which places the love for life above the love of ego.

So mote it be!

Did I read too deeply into that?


Bello Velo said...

If they do not win she will be a huge star have her own talk show, cooking show and clothing line. Then she can say that old republican line "see I pulled myself up by my neiman marcus bootstraps! So get to work you lazy socialist welfare getters!!"