Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kid's Walk n Roll Oct 27-31 Volunteers Needed

Jamie is looking for volunteers email her here jamorgan10 (at)

Kid's Walk n Roll Oct 27-31
October is International “Walk to School Month”
Jamie has arranged with three Huntsville elementary schools to hold an event the last week in October. We are promoting “Safe Routes to School” (SRTS) to encourage kids to walk or ride bikes to school. Oct 27-31 will be a challenge or opportunity for kids to walk or ride to school that week. On Monday, Oct 27, kids can bring their bikes to school to get them “tuned –up“ for riding that week. (This means pumping tires, lubing, adjusting seats and helmets, and tightening them up) I have 30 helmets and 10 locks, for kids who need these things to ride to school. They can “borrow” them all week and keep them, too. I’ll have big maps at each school so kids can see/learn the best way to walk or ride to school. There will also be “meet-up” locations, where kids who really live too far can get dropped off/picked up and still participate. I think I’ll have at least one teacher at each school to meet kids at the meet- up spots every day, and hopefully, some parents, too.
Then, on Friday, kids will be encouraged to decorate their bikes for Halloween! (Children aren’t allowed to dress in costume for school, but they can decorate their bikes!) There will be goody bags for all participants, early Friday morning before school (those who rode or walked during the week) and lots of congratulations for all the kids!

1. Chapman Elementary (near Maysville Rd and Oakwood, 2006 Reuben Dr 35811)
2. Jones Valley Elementary (On Garth Rd between Drake and Carl T Jones, 4908 Garth Rd SE 35802)
3. McDonnell Elementary (between Triana and Patton Rd, about as far south as Airport/Johnson Rd, 4010 Binderton Pl SW 35805)

Event Details:
Monday: 7:00 to 8 am - Bike “tune-up” at school. Some helmets and locks available for “rental”/give-away
Also, hand out Walk n Roll cards for kids to get stamped each day.
Special Meet-up locations at each school being arranged for parent and teacher volunteers to lead “bike trains” and “walking school buses” to schools
***Goody Bag prep one day next week.
Friday: 7:00 to 8 am - “Bike Decoration” for Halloween and a BIG Celebration Party with Goody bags for all walking and riding participants and a visit by the Bike Cops.

Bike Shops can donate lights, helmets and gift certificates too!