Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crazy Tracy - This is Why America is Broken - From "Now on PBS"


Anonymous said...

Did you see her facial expressions? She has some psychological issues. I would like to see her reaction when Obama gets elected. Maybe she will harm herself very fatally. oh darn.


clintpatty said...

I heard a sort of similar person on public radio yesterday. Only she was afraid of black people getting all entitled and revolting and taking their reparations from white folk if Obama got elected. Only she talked a lot about what she feels. She never mentioned what she thought. I know people vote for a lot of different reasons, but that's kind of unfortunate to me. You should be thinking about it some. At least with religion the people actually believe that will effect how the country is run and God will bless the country more with a good Christian leader. I guess that is related strongly to abortion for many people, but I don't understand why people care about politicians' views on abortion these days. For both sides, that makes no sense to me. Bush is anti-choice, but nothing has changed with the situation. Palin might really like to outlaw abortions, but I don't see it happening. What would her an McCain do, put in a Constitutional amendment to disregard the whole judicial branch of the government? I really don't see the situation for abortion changing in this country anytime soon. The only way that affects my vote is I don't want to vote for a person who focuses on being strong either way (usually anti-choice) and does not care so much about things that actually effect how the government is managed. I especially don't like it for local or state elections. Ban abortions in Huntsville so people will go to Decatur? Good job.

Bello Velo said...

People care about politicians view on abortion because a seat on the supreme court is coming up and roe v wade could be overturned.

Anonymous said...

Crazy Tracy ..suck my balls!!!!!!!

Really, i see her in my nightmares now!!!!

Oh wait, no crazy tracy, I don't want you sucking anything of mine. Maybe suck on a arsenic popsicle...yeah

crazy jimbizzz

Bello Velo said...

She does have crazy jesus eyes and a nice smile or smirk.