Friday, October 24, 2008

Vintage ride Sunday

Vintage ride scheduled for Sunday October 26th at 2:00 from Huntsville Middle School.
Vintage, cruiser, old, new, tandem, fixie. All are welcome. November will be from Child Advocacy Center.
See you all there.


inc123 said...

I am selling my vintage bikes (the ones not sold) but fair market prices not give-aways. If you are a serious buyer, let me know:

1959 Rollfast ladies cruiser, cameo/flamingo pinkish and whtie, pretty, white walls

1965? Schwinn Heavy-Duti (the industrial one not the Heavy Duty, lemon yellow. balloon tires

Blue Iverson ladies cruiser, not restored, fenders, will be pretty,
not sure of year maybe 40s-50s. (pending pick-up but that's iffy)

Bike for Polo, Giant, 9-speed, used, step through, don't know year, hardtrail

(Sorry Clint, I can sell any bike I want in America, for any reason, no permissions needed.)