Monday, December 1, 2008

Hands Free Headsets are just as

Here is a an article I found that concluded that drivers on cellphones are just as dangerous as drivers impaired by Alcohol

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the milkman said...

Well, that is NOT what I wanted to hear! I guess there's just no hope short of banning phones in cars all together, which will probably never happen. Let's see, these fucks are allowed on their phones, can watch their TIVO'd episode of "Cops", and download the quickest route from their driveway to the mailbox, all while driving everyone else off the road. You know, I see money in this. Someone back me up. I'm thinking, electric SUV with all those amenities PLUS espresso machine and lap pool. I'll do design and research. Who wants to be my benefactor?

goingforward said...

And just why should we look where we are going? retro man.

clintpatty said...

At first I thought this was about riding without handlebars or something.

Anonymous said...

hehe! yeah clint mee too!

Great, we have enough jerks with those star trek gadjetz running around talking to themselves, now they will be driving with those things in their heads!

Jeeeeesus dont they know that those tingz a give ya a tumor?

Chaddapoupinous jabba jabba!!