Friday, December 5, 2008

Ride the Christmas Parade

Please come to the Christmas parade on Saturday, 6 December, in downtown Huntsville. We'll meet about 11:30 AM in parking lot K, across from the Post Office on Clinton Avenue, and the parade begins at noon. Parking is a zoo that day so park remotely and ride to Clinton. The route is not exactly aerobic at less than 3 miles, but its a great opportunity to remind the crowd to share the road, and that we are out there, and its fun. I plan to wear a black armband to memorialize Sarah Chapman, I hope
others will to.

You can decorate your bike & body, and wear a helmet too. I usually get a three dollar Santa hat from Big Lots and zip tie it to my helmet, and wear red or green. Others go all out with costumes and red gloves. Last year I taped an eight inch diameter foam "Rudolph Nose" to my fairing, along with electrical tape for eyes & lashes, and zip tied some stuffed doggy toys to the bike. The poodles (my dogs at home) got to enjoy the toys after the parade. Hope to see you there. Any questions call me
mobile at 256.348.5181.--george