Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good Riddance

Goodbye and fuck off, 8 years of torture, greed, stupidity and murder you are a war criminal.


clintpatty said...

night ride to celebrate?

Bello Velo said...

hmmmm maybe. anyone else?

Tyler said...

I like the ideal of beer and food!!!

Anonymous said...

The delight of a socialist doesn't last long. Now just why aren't you working in Cuba?

Is it worse form to say good riddance or worse to say O Shit!?

At least we all like beer and food.

Bello Velo said...

I can not work there because there has been an embargo going on for the last 45 years. In 1960, less than a year after their victory, Castro's government decided to wipe out illiteracy. They recruited 120,000 volunteer teachers, most of them young high school students. Armed only with books and Coleman-style gas lanterns, the volunteers entered the most remote areas, teaching peasants of all ages to read. The grim part of the story was that there were still counterrevolutionaries in the hills -- and they received support from the CIA. They knew the literacy brigades were helping solidify Castro's support among the peasantry, so the young volunteers were terrorized and at least one was murdered. But the campaign succeeded anyway. Practically overnight, Cuba's literacy rate rose to 97%, and it's now a little higher than that. By the way, the average Cuban's knowledge of the U.S. and of world events is astonishing.

I could go work in Sweden or Denmark, they are threatening your way of life too I guess:)

Now why are you not joining bushes crusades and drop your ass off in Iraq or Afghanistan to fight?
Freedom ain't free as long as some poor kid does it for you.

Anonymous said...

Fuck George Bush!!!!

inc123 said...

I'm too old to enlist, alas. But should I keep my handguns ready for the militial uprisings? Applied for CIA and NSA though-- though years ago. Apparently MBAs were a dime a dozen and they countered with a request for PhDs in Slavic languages vs my measely German. Pitiful. No Cyptological School in Annapolis either. Crushing. Did live in the world's largest CIA base in it's time. Even made a few nickles spotting "bugs". Best friends father saved the Lipazaner stallions-- did you know the CIA fights for animal rights too? Ahhh, childhood & the days my little white Peugeot (demountable duomatic) was brand new and the fastest bike in the whole wide world. Best beers in the world (1969+, Munich).

PS Mom used to summer in Cuba; life changes so quickly. Another 100 years and SRAM will be synonymous with SCRAM... But beers will probably still be good. I'm liking the Lambics these days-- the natural yeast Belgians. bP has a good selection.


Anonymous said...

Denmark? that's where they do those sex change operations right? Or is that left?

clintpatty said...

I'm hoping part of Obama's economic recovery plan is making North Dakota look like a giant Denmark without people.

Anonymous said...

Are you all attempting to be funny? How can people from Alabama make fun of any state or country? People from Mississippi make fun of you all.

inc123 said...

I, for one, am proud to be an Alabamian. I have lived in 3 countries, 4 states, and had traveled to more than 40 countries before I was 10 (lost count now). Having spent a reasonable amount of time in multiple "3rd world" countries, and lived in homes from lovely antebellum to the depressing quarters built by Hilter during WWII, I think I've seen and experienced more for my age than many people. One of my dad's office had once been used as a torture chamber, I have several friends who have actually been put in front of a firing squad, a friends who escaped from Dachau as a child-- I have friends more liberal and socialistic than those here, and some more conservative than I am, and yes, even a long-time close Persian friend who family was damn glad to get political assylum when Khomeni vowed to kill her parents. I went to public schools, private schools, government schools, and international schools-- from East Clinton to Oxford University (England not Mississippi). Doesn't make me any better than the next, but I feel comfortable than I have tested my beliefs, I have learned alternatives, and even with my faults and Alabama's, it's a whole lot better than a lot of things I've experienced.

I make a concerted effort to learn and try new things & form my own opinion, and I encourage others to do the same. Rarely do I ask people to agree, but rather only let me express my opinion & think out theirs. I, wholeheartedly, believe that no government benefits from one-sided politics; I would prefer a 3-party system to a two-party one. But two-parties does give us some of the needed the balance & perspective. Personally, I'd like a very liberal Supreme Court and a fiscally conservative government structure with a big splash of green mixed in.

One last thing, generally,decisions made throughout history should not be judged by what we know today or by today's standards. Life changes. I liked what Obama said about the greatness of America- it is great not because it is perfect but because we can and do change-- ok, bad paraphrase but you know what I meant.

And yep, nothing's wrong with poking fun of ourselves.

BTW, Happy Robert E. Lee Day, it was yesterday-- his 200th birthday, yep a state holiday (not just AL's). MLK Day was purposely combined with Lee Day, and it was also Edgar Allen Poe's 200th birthday. So Happy holiday of your choice. Live and let live- oh, that's James Bond, right?

Anonymous said...

When you look at something with eyes full of hatred, contempt, or disgust, do you see all there is to see?


Anonymous said...

Robert E Lee was a terrorist, traitor and a racist. He is no different than Timothy McVeigh or the Klan.

bang said...

Saint Robert E. Lee was the greatest American ever to live or have lived.


Nothing better illustrates the swift and vicious descent of Political Correctness upon American history and symbols than the shadow that has, in just the last few years, been thrown over a man regarded (rightly) for well over a century as among the greatest of Americans-- Robert E. Lee.

Lee was an audacious military genius and inspired leader of men, called by Churchill the greatest captain of the English-speaking peoples, but his fame rests even more upon his character.

No American leader has ever set a higher example in peace and war of what the Western world used to understand as a Christian gentleman.

How the times have changed - and suddenly. The official doctrine of the MSI (Mainstream Intellectuals) now condemns Lee as a traitor and oath-violator and his cause as little better than Hitler's.

clintpatty said...

re: anonymous 2:36
"Are you all attempting to be funny? How can people from Alabama make fun of any state or country? People from Mississippi make fun of you all."

No. I realize there was no context with that, but maybe if you were more informed and less judging or whatever, you would have realized that I was talking about wind power. Denmark has a lot of wind power. The US doesn't. North Dakota is a pretty windy state and a great place to create some jobs over the next few years and increase our energy independence and sustainability by adding more wind power than Denmark has. There aren't many people or even many plants in North Dakota. If we're going to sacrifice a state for our lifestyles, better it be North Dakota by not harming it as much than be removing mountains in West Virginia like we currently do.

clintpatty said...

and re Nolen:

yay. More knowledge, understanding, and tolerance would be good for all of us. Even fundamentalist democrats.

Anonymous said...

Living the lie of dualism in every sense of the term. Pick your side, pick your opponent, your enemy. Pick your conflict, your poison. Pick words of hate over words of love. This practice is a lie to ourselves and to at least half of everyone who we oppose. Just like church, we find solace in coming to a place where out dialogue will bee rewarded with support and ego gratification. This kind of thought is not valuable in a real world, it is only valuable in world of illusion created by all who believe in anything dwelling in the thought and practice of human nature.



Bello Velo said...

Thanks Clint for clarifying.

Bello Velo said...

I wouldn't say that people here are fundamentalist democrats, they are just not republicans and have moved forward from rebel flags, hatred towards gays, and being cheap. Most Democrats have jobs and even pay some of their taxes.

Some republicans should try less name dropping and putting out their personal info, this is not a good idea on a public forum, especially if you do not want to get attacked personally. I know how sensitive republicans can be.

Also try and stay on topic: The topic is saying good bye to the worst president in history not a forum to promote a civil war loser.

I know you all are not down with Socialism but social skills won't hurt you.

I do like Clint's Idea about North Dakota.

Bello Velo said...

Seems to me the Republicans always attack with name calling "socialist" "go to work in Cuba" etc etc.. It does not seem that this is very tolerant as you all speak of maybe try it before preaching it. Just a suggestion.

inc123 said...

Love you all - differences included. I truly meant no harm in using the word socialist; assumed it was no more offensive than the word Democrat or Republican, Green, Alabamian, or any other ideology or allegiance (well, except for some cults).. I don't consider being called a Republican or conservative as name calling, though if you called sh*t head, I would consider that one. So I apologize if I hurt someone unintentionally.

Plus I thought that the particular Annonymous I was speaking to, extolled those virtues... I was actually curious why someone wouldn't want to live in a place that lived in a place more aligned with beliefs than Alabama seems to, based on what appears as harsh criticism and destain.

The Denmark crack was an old joke-- popular in my younger days. I suppose younger humans aren't familiar with it or that it was meant as funny. Get it, right, left? Yeah, I know Denmark is no longer famous for its surgery, built it was. And, no I couldn't care less if someone wished to be surgically altered-- actually I would support it. No issues with it at all, y'all.

All best,

BTW: Joining the anti-bullying campaign is not the same as preaching love & complete tolerance. Isn't there a clear enough line between reasonable respectfulness / treatment of others and actually bullying (the intentional causing of harm, distress, injury, or shame of others, usually on a repeated basis)?

I'm trying to be a better person, and I'm open to trying new things.

Ride happy. Y'all.

inc123 said...

I like Clint's idea on North Dakota too. Enjoyed my visit a few years ago. The part I was in, was economically challenged-- with oil drilling rights leases keeping many people somewhat afloat. Large, nice homes were selling for $3000 & the town I stayed in, really had a one-room school. Wind farming would be great. I happen to like what Ireland has been doing building the world's largest windfarm.