Friday, April 3, 2009

Driver bites off man's ear in fight

Police say a motorist bit off a chunk of a man's ear after the man complained about the motorist's speeding.

Thirty-one-year-old Jeffrey H. Guffey told police he was riding a bicycle Wednesday when he shouted at the driver of a sport-utility vehicle that was speeding down a residential street.

Guffey told police the driver pulled over, got out, knocked him to the ground and began biting his ear, spitting out the pieces.

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the milkman said...

...and that's what happens kids when you don't eat all your Lima beans.

AND remember this:

* Frozen cans of coke in your messenger bag is not some tip I just pulled out of my ... They really travel very far. Think about it. The next ear bitten off my a rabid, road raged, maniac could be yours. Best to keep your distance!
* What better way to use the frozen beverage concoction? Fight corporate sugarwater sales and insane motorist all in one well aimed throw.

* Think of it as WAR. War between law abiding cyclists and Hummer loving flesh eaters. That's what I do.

clintpatty said...

just roll .50

Leela the Kid said...

fuck, man. i dunno even know. could my u lock and pocket knife(generally used for slicing fruit and sharpening pencils) stand up to cannibalistic motorists with napoleon complexes? shit.