Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pedestrian killed while trying to cross University

One woman is dead after being struck by a car in Huntsville.

It happened around 10:30pm Friday at the intersection of University Drive and Meadow Drive.

Police say a vehicle traveling west on University Drive hit the woman as she was crossing the street.

The driver told police he did not see the woman.

The victim, who is being identified as Lashun Lynch, died a short time later at the hospital.

We do not yet know her exact age, but we are being told she was in her twenties.,0,7930321.story


Tyler said...

I hope the city addresses this incident with serious concern. Maybe the victims family should sue the city for negligence. Seeing as they failed to provide the victim with a safe crossing on one of the States busiest streets.

itsasadworld said...

The city does charge motorists who hit pedestrians, that's illegal. Only cyclist deaths are not prosecuted- I reckon because they ask for it vs. someone mistakenly thinking dashing across University is safe and legal.

I reckon a bunch of signs will go up, within 90 days (which means 1.2 within a year, right?)

Why am I losing confidence?

Bello Velo said...

The news reporter tried to use the crosswalk and was almost hit. So why would anyone who lives there use it.

If this happened in twickenham, jones valley or even worse blossomwood they would be building it today.

Hire new city engineers fire the old ones!!!!!

Better yet sue them.

Tyler said...

oh on another note of course the driver didn't see the victim....they never do. The driver that killed Sara didn't see her either. The driver was to busy reaching in the floor for her cellphone. I can only wonder what distraction caused this accident, but University drive is dangerous enough without playing on the phone or being distracted by your cars DVD Player or GPS. I still think a major problem is the degree of seriousness people put on driving. Many drivers act as if it is a carefree irresponsible activity that requires no focus or concentration and they can simply chow down on fast food, put on make-up, read a book, or whatever else they would rather do than pay attention to road and the other people who occupy it.