Sunday, April 5, 2009

A mayor under fire

So here we go again with more talk and fear of a lawsuit.

Battle meets his first big test with resolve; will it be enough?

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle faced the first major test of his administration last week with the public outcry over the city's $2.8 million project to remove the brick sidewalks around the courthouse square.

Battle handled the issue calmly but with resolve. Still, the question remains as to whether that approach will be sufficient with other issues or whether the public, angry over this decision, will now become angry over others.

On March 13, the city awarded a contract to remove the brick sidewalks and replace them with concrete sidewalks bordered with brick. Some trees will be taken down; many more will be planted.

Parking spaces around the courthouse will increase. Bike racks will be installed. New street lights are going in. Other aesthetic improvements are set, as well.

But it's the sidewalk issue that has fired up the citizens. They argue that the bricks add charm and character to the area. (True enough.) They question the city's rationale that because women in heels were tripping over the edges of the brick, those bricks constituted a hazard and, thus, exposed the city to liability.

from The Huntsville Times


Bello Velo said...

New Slogans for the city:

Fear City
Please Don't Sue me, I'm cheap
Law and Order City
Jail City
Take the trolley get drunk and we arrest you.
Huntsville where all the ugly engineers went.
Bad beer, steers and engineers
Home of Disc Golf

Tyler said...

I like
"Bad beer, steers and engineers"

Tyler said...

although it is good to see the amount of public who thinks the court house renovations is a bad Ideal, but yet the city is continuing with the project even though it appears to be particularly unpopular with almost anyone you ask?



the milkman said...

I like the "Home of Disk Golf"

It is, sadly, so true. So true.

Bello Velo said...

maybe it is time for a citizens action network....CAN

Anonymous said...

I thought I was voting for something different than Loretta, sadly Tommy should call himself Loretta Jr.

Don't confuse him with Asscar's Dale Jr.

ash said...

Comparing him to Loretta is silly and unfair at this point. What he plans to do downtown is more than fixing the sidewalks. What he wants to do will revive commerce and a main-street feel. Don't you want a downtown with more shops, cafes, bars and restaurants than LAW FIRMS? He's not catering to the big pockets like Loretta did.

Also, he isn't ignoring those people bitching about the "character" in that farked up jagged brick sidewalk. Those people will bitch about ANY change. If you want to see "character" for downtown, see the plan that Greg (from Sam & Greg's) drew up. I'm wondering if the folks who complain have actually seen this plan?

Is someone really going to sue the city over a sidewalk? Really? WTF.

Bello Velo said...

I don't agree that it is silly or unfair. It's the same administration.

Same Mentality:
Fear of Lawsuits
More Parking
More Roads
More of the Same.

I do think he is listening but at this rate you will be very old before you see anything real happen other than disc golf and more military. Remember we are all going to profit and get rich when Brac comes.

I have seen Greg's plan and before spending more millions, they could close off the streets downtown and promote walks,rides, art strolls etc... on the weekends and work with what they have. I have no faith at all the our city planners have our best interests at heart. I know some like having a giant commercial bank in the middle of your Park.

Also expand the bus service. Seems strange they have the drunk bus that takes people to all the bars to get them drunk, then they can go get their parked car (city owns all the parking garages$$$$$) and then have the police arrest them for DUI. $$$$$$ That seems a bit unfair to me. Why not have buses that will take people home?

Also he was caught in a lie as there were no lawsuits pending over the sidewalks. As reported by the HSV Times last week. So lets spend 2.8 million dollars because of what might happen? Sounds like preemption.

Plus Loretta brought us bridge street, so we can feel what it is like to be in venice with gondolas.while never leaving town. It's the best inside out mall I have ever seen.

Bello Velo said...

I do give him credit for the Press Conference and the Mayor's ride. that makes him a bit different

Bello Velo said...

Why not give downtown business' incentives like tax breaks, and or rent subsidies just like they do for Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

Chain Restaurants are all over this town and can afford the high rents inflates it for local start ups.

Also a new pizzeria is opening and will have bicycle delivery and better prices. I think 20 plus dollars for average pizza is insane.