Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bicyclist hit on University Drive

Bicyclist Hit on University Dr.

Don't forget to look at the comments. I am sure we will here from the city soon how it was the cyclist fault and they had beer, no lights, helmet, were not certified to be on the road and why would anyone be on university. read more here


the milkman said...

Looks like there are two bikes on the ground in the video. Anyone know who and what???

Oh yeah. Huntsville sucks.

Anonymous said...

You didn't know bike riding means poor or homeless because you should be in a car driving through the city...

And yes they went to get beer because that's all low-income people do right? Jaywalk to the gas station to get some brew.

Huntsville City Council and Public Transit Dept can get the middle from me.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is the video...the cyclist is still recovering.

naysayer said...

Can anyone tell me how things are different in the year since Sarah Chapman's (the UAH student) death?

Did the City educate the public? How? What programs were begun & completed? And what is on-going? In the last year, how did BASC make a significant contribution to cycling safety? Are and any to-do's done?

I feel that things have stayed very much the same. I suspect BASC was used as a shut up program. It had no city funding, correct? It had enthusiastic people but I hear even they now have dwindling attendance and are frustrated that things are no more progressive than under any mayor ever. Am I wrong?

When the city is behind an issue, it gets funded. Actions are taken, such as after the death on Rideout/Hwy 53. Does the mayor or his staff members commute even once a week? Anyone who lived within 5 miles even? I'm just not seeing a real commitment.

As Dr. Phil says: "IS THIS WORKING FOR YOU?"


Bello Velo said...

well said naysayer

Bello Velo said...

Sadly we will get a trickle down report stating that it was the persons fault they had no lights and the usual "city" findings. Then motorist can come away feeling vindicated. "It was only a homeless person they all ride wrong anyways" This perpetuates the problem and that way it never has to get addressed.

The fact remains they have blood on their hands. Past and Present Administrations have failed to provide all citizens of this city an alternative to the car.

Could this person have taken a bus?

Could they have walked?

Where are the fucking rest of the Share the road signs? Not that these do a bit of good, but I figure someone is sitting on $2500.00 considering only half of the $5000.00 were put up. Please I know they have spent the money but why is it not done?

foolmeonce said...

Could the bicycling community have been hoodwinked by the mayor & staff.

Bill Kling stepped up, has anyone else? He responded and acted. Let's make him mayor.

Anonymous said...

So let us play the devil's advocate, what if it is working?

As far as the current measures, is it possible that things could be worse?

I mean more injuries or deaths?

What are those statistics and what do they reveal?

Just consider?