Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pedestrian killed on Whitesburg Drive

Pedistrian killed on Whitesburg Drive

This city is fucked. This time people won't be able to post their comments about how a poor black person from the projects was darting across University Drive. This goes to show all of us that know one is safe to walk or ride a bike anywhere in this fucking city.


clintpatty said...

video removed?

Anonymous said...

It takes a minute to load up..

Here is a man who was walking back from getting gas and he was struck by a car. Tommy Battle & Co. what are you going to do to get our streets safe?

clintpatty said...

I couldn't watch the whole video, and a few of the times that I tried it said video unavailable. Was he crossing the street and didn't look for cars first? That would be a lot different then if he was walking back to his car on a section with no sidewalk and the driver wasn't paying attention. It's sad either way, but with the portion of the video I could watch I can't say the driver or Tommy Battle & Co are to blame.

ash said...

Well, now that it's happened in the favored part of town, something might finally be done.

This is further proof that the measures that must be taken should be directed at DRIVERS. Start by penalizing and incarcerating DWD (driving while distracted) in a similar fashion to DUI.

And yes, the posts section under the article is strangely silent... de facto respect for people on the white and wealthy side of town?

Where's the "he should have known better"s and "he had it coming"s that line up beneath similar articles? Sickening.

clintpatty said...

re Ashley:
I'm just waiting a while on those. I'm not ready to call people out on only posting stuff like that when it happened to disadvantaged people until about 3 days later when reimy et al have had a chance to post. I totally agree on DWD. I hope something will happen now, but I'm not expecting it. The cell phone distracted driver in Scottsboro who killed Carlos is not facing any charges. And Carlos was wealthy and important to the city of Scottsboro. I believe there is some action related to that to get DWD and texting and such laws implemented, but it's being funded by his money. I'm still trying to find out more about that.

Bello Velo said...

Sorry Clint, but "Carlos was wealthy and important to the city of Scottsboro." funded by his money? Maybe you could clarify this.

I do think what was pointed out by the others is, if you are wealthy you are afforded at least some outrage by this community and I use the term community very loosely.

Also this seems to be unrelated,but has anyone noticed most of these accidents are occurring between 9 and 10 pm? It is not like it's at midnight or after the bars close. I wonder if this is when the elderly are rushing home or when the super churches are letting out?

Tyler said...

Good point on noticing a correlation in time Bello Velo. There was also a 1 year-old child hit on Seminole Drive around the same time. There where little details released but the child was ok. Some people may not start up the with the nasty comments based on the situation of running out of gas and going back to the car, because they can relate to possibly being in a similar situation. If and when they start up with the nasty comments on I can not imagine the horrible things people will say. I do not understand how people can get on there and post such ugly comments when another human being has been seriously injured or killed.


Anonymous said...

Ok I am apparently wrong. I haven't seen any comments yet, and 6 pounds of meth ice was seized yesterday, so I'm sure that's gotten people excited and looking at the stories.

by "funded by his money" I meant that I read about a law firm that is working towards getting texting while driving illegal in Alabama and that his family was contributing to that. But like I said "I'm still trying to find out more about that," as I only read that in one place.

Bello Velo said...

Why is there so much Meth here? Is it to help fuel the rage here or dull it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the DIY ethic here.