Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Incident on Bankhead 9/8

The other incident happened on 9/8. I was climbing up Bankhead and was at the beginning of the entrance to the Huntsville Land Trust parking lot when a big truck pulled up next to me, we made eye contact, I gestured that I was going straight, so he sped up and cut me off by turning into the parking lot. (He's one of the Bankhead cruisers, if you know what I mean, because I saw him hanging out at the overlooks later in the week.) Anyway, he forced me off the road. And when I had a talk with him he swears he gave me enough room to which I informed him that he did not - not when I intended to go straight. Literally if I hadn't made a hard right turn and bail, I would have run into the side of the truck. It's like driver's don't even consider physics - speed, velocity, braking distance, etc. I will say that the next time we saw each other, he gave me lots of space! ;-)