Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Incident on Bankhead 9/11

MDG - Why is everyone in such a huge hurry?!?! Today I was coming down Bankhead at around 34 mph and at the "S" turns (near HLT) where the posted speed limit is 25 mph, two cars passed me! The green Mercedes SUV darted around followed by a beige/...silver 4-Runner with a COEXIST sticker and nearly had a head on collision with an oncoming car! Guess the driver of the 4-Runner doesn't mean for cars and bikes to coexist... ;-(

MDG - 2-3 MINUTES!!! 2-3 minutes is all the time it would have taken to get to a straightaway with a clear line of site where the cars could have safey passed...minutes! Instead, the 4-Runner squealed brakes, fishtailed and could have easily flipped! Plus, it was like 2 o'clock in the afternoon and I was riding on a designated bike road with "Share the ... Read MoreRoad" signs!!! ARGH!

SS - Holy Shit, was that you? That was me in the white pathfinder that almost lost my life to the 4 runner. Talk about fired up, I was cusing mad, and felt bad for the rider (you). SHIT!!! I'm glad you are ok, I could just see that 4runner moving back over and clipping you. I ride that road often, and have many close calls. Someone is going to get... Read More killed. We have a freaking right to ride that road. We need to organize a "sit in" and shut that road down one day and make the city realize that many people, runners included like to train on that road. Maybe some cops patroling it. Glad your OK Missy. And by the way, I wasn't speeding, maybe 28 mph or so, pathfinder doesn't have too much horsepower.