Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A & M Calming Ride


Anonymous said...

Does AAMU have a cycling team? Oakwood? Or only UAH?

Bello Velo said...

No they do not yet. I wouldn't get too excited about UAH. Cycling teams do little for commuting bike racks do. I think one person on that team even rides his bike to school and that is Davis. I am sure he will correct me if I am mistaken.

Football teams don't make us all play football so don't think a cycling team will make any difference.

Riding your bike solves it though.

Tyler said...

well put Bello Velo

UAH Cycling Team said...

Unfortunately, I can't view the video, and hence don't know what the context of these posts are. However, I tend to look up the UAH Cycling Team often, and i found new mentions tonight!

I think the UAH Cycling Team is very exciting, and can make a very big difference. The amount of visibility we have on campus (i have close to 2000 miles logged on campus in 2009), shows that it IS safe to ride on campus, and hopefully encourages more people to do so more often.

Bike racks are simply a place to park your bike. If people don't feel safe riding their bikes to class/work, they won't need a place to park them. I agree with you though : riding your bike solves the problem. If there are constantly bikes on campus, drivers will learn to behave around them.

I do not mean to troll, but I do feel the UAH Team has made more of an impact on cycling on campus than any other organization has so far, and I reject the notion that just because we focus on racing means that the campus cycling community will not benefit from that visibility.

And besides, whats not exciting? We are probably the most organized and well funded non-varsity cycling team in the southeast, and possibly in the entire country. In 2 years we are able to provide free kits, free entry fees, free lodging, free travel, and move our riders' gear in our own team trailer. And thats after an inaugural season that involved 36 top 10's, 16 top 5s, and a National qualifying-rider. We have twice the race team membership of 2009, and lost none of our major players. We definitely have the ear of the UAH administration, and i think the entire UAH cycling community will benefit from our continued success.

but hey, im a bit biased :)

HSV Bike Polo said...

Huntsville Hard and Soft Court Polo is one of the most underfunded, disorganized and dangerous cycling sports in town.

Our main goal is to give cycling and cyclists a bad name, It maybe our mission statement:)

There are no real winners because we consider ourselves losers first and foremost.

We have been trying to get some lousy shirts made after two years with little success.

We pay for everything, from our beer to unhealthy potato chips, nothing worth doing should be free.

So we would love to challenge UAH Cycling to a match, Optimist Park Sundays 3pm. Be there.