Thursday, September 17, 2009

Incident on Governors 9/11

I saw the car skim you on Friday the 11th, I hope you will report it so they can educate her:

Down side of Governors. He was clearly over to right of side white lane marker/ shoulder. Left lane was 100% open & I moved over & repeatedly signalled from her to change lanes. Road was moist (post rain). Jeff was going downhill and seriously is a pro racer, so was going FAST, He was blocking no one & not slowing traffic, nothing. Bright clothes. Doing everything right. She did not budge one inch!

Jeff has skill most of us only wish for. One the moist roads, the gust from being skimmed so close would have resulted ion my being seriously hurt, especially at his speed. Seriously, he has skills most of us don’t and he in used to racing side-by-side, where I might have freaked & skidded.

So I caught up to her & shot her a bird. Then I had to be tricky to get her license as she would not let me behind her. I pretended to be turning.

Then rode back to see if I could find Jeff (Critzer), could not-- I figure he was way down Dug Hill or he was doing hills. Time was tight, so I only looked for him for a few minutes.

Went OOT an few hours later and misplaced info. Friday, hmmm, the 11th.

It was taupe Chevy Malibu, a woman upper middle age also taupey hair, license started with a big S, so I think state. She was headed East over Governors.

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