Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today's News

BASC Meeting tonight at 5pm 

308 Fountain Circle (in GIS/Zoning Building meeting room)
Hopefully the agenda will be gearing up for the Mayor's ride which is only 5 weeks away and PSA's by our Mayor for Share the Road campaign and his annual Mayors Ride! All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Traffic and Engineering have been painting Bicycle Stencils (which is where you run your tire over) and adjusting the sweet spots at intersections this last week.  Pratt and Meridian are working and 4 seconds have been added to the light.
These intersections have been painted but do not trigger the lights yet.
Franklin and Governors
Governors and Parkway
So please let them know which ones work and do not work for you. or call 427-6850

We have been contacting our Local Candidates on where they stand on Complete Streets and Bicycling issues read about it here and feel free to contact them  too, some have no idea we even exist :)

We have also contacted Earth Fare the new market which will be on University where the old Circuit City was and they have agreed to make sure there are Bike Racks for those who want to commute and not pollute. 

The Bicycle Commuter Class had a great turnout despite the weather. We visited 3 of our Local Markets and had a great ride. We will be doing the next one this Saturday @ 11am Lifecycles back dock and it's still free. Clint and Jacqy will be the instructors for this class and commuting to school will be the topic this week. So feel free to dust off your bike and join us. Don't worry if you missed last week. 

How different would our streets be if our Police Chief went for a bicycle ride?