Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker wants to keep his city 'bikeable'

SALT LAKE CITY — Light rail someday will shuttle passengers from the airport to Daybreak, while streetcars run through downtown and Sugar House.

But the most "exciting" transportation efforts being made in Utah's capital city still involve 10-speeds and spinning spokes, says Mayor Ralph Becker.

"The valley itself is relatively flat. We've got wide streets. We have a relatively good climate … and an enormous opportunity to achieve being one of the most bikeable cities in the country," Becker said.
When it comes to funding bicycle projects, Becker sees a "chicken-and-egg" problem. Without improvements, many potential cyclists are too afraid to take to the streets — and the lack of cyclists causes some to wonder if it's worth the cost.

But even in the face of substantial budget cuts — possibly as large as $20 million — bicycles remain a priority for the mayor and his administration.

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