Friday, April 2, 2010

Where they Stand : David Pinkleton

Here are my thoughts on Complete streets and bicycles on roadways in general.  I do not have a problem with individuals riding their bikes on roadways for recreational or commuting purposes.  I know that on Bailey Cove Road, near where I live, bike path signs and route numbers have been added recently.  I feel that this is a step in the right direction in bringing awareness to the reality that bicyclists ride on roadways, too.  However, I am concerned about the cost for adopting a Complete streets model.  It seems that an additional 2-3 feet of roadway would have to be added to each direction of traffic in order to make roadways safer for both bicyclists and motorists.  Right now our state does not have the extra revenue needed to expand current roadways or build new roadways to accommodate bicyclists.  I think that the next best step is to mark roadways that bicyclists use with signs and begin an education campaign to alert motorists to the reality of bicyclists on city streets.  Furthermore, most Huntsville residents commute to work via car because our city is spread out and not centralized as some other urban areas of the country.  Thus, I think that most Huntsville residents will not want to use taxpayer money to widen roadways to accommodate bicyclists when a small percentage of Huntsville workers ride their bikes to work.  Your question about bicyclists and Complete Streets is the first of its kind that I have received during my candidacy.  I appreciate your thoughts and I urge you to continue to send me information about bicycle safety, statistics, and education campaigns so I can better understand these needs in the community.  Thanks again for contacting me.

God Bless,

David Pinkleton