Wednesday, July 7, 2010

AT&T backs Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle's proposed texting while driving ban

Wow are uber Mayor is now being supported by AT&T, what a proud day!! This bill is bullshit and impossible to enforce. How in the hell will the cops be able to enforce this when they are talking on their phones themselves? Hands free anyone? 
HUNTSVILLE, AL -- AT&T officials today are expected to announce support for Mayor Tommy Battle's proposed texting while driving ban.
According to a press release, Battle and Dave Hargrove, regional director for AT&T Alabama, will appear together at a 3 p.m. news conference to discuss the mayor's "Eyes on the Road" effort.
Battle wants to make it illegal to send text messages or check e-mail while driving anywhere in the city limits. Huntsville would become just the fourth Alabama city to crack down on texting drivers, joining Jacksonville, Vestavia Hills and Roanoke in Randolph County.
Texting would be considered a secondary traffic violation here, meaning Huntsville police could stop a texting driver only if they were doing something else wrong like speeding.
The proposed ordinance reads, "No person shall operate a vehicle upon any highway, roadway or street while using a wireless communication device to send, receive, download or view any electronic or digital content including music, video, picture or communication including, but not limited to, electronic mail, instant messaging or text messaging."
The Huntsville City Council is expected to vote on the idea tomorrow night.


Tyler said...

we will need a texting driver to kill a politician before it becomes a primary traffic offense.

rocketless said...

Cops don't enforce the law unless they are in the mood or someone who has power over them is watching. If you want a pig to enforce a law you should paint everyone with black-face or hang a Mexican flag on their car, otherwise 5-oh are out looking for donuts and skateboarders.