Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wilsonville to form bicycle and pedestrian task force

What might interest you is that when you don't live in a "third world state" there seems to be funding available. I guess with being last you appreciate the crumbs that are fed to you more.

From WILSONVILLE – The city along with South Metro Area Regional Transit will host an informational meeting and kick-off off for the city's new Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force. 

The group funded through a Regional Travel Options grant from Metro, will meet at 6 p.m. July 21 at the City Hall building, 29799 S.W. Town Center Loop E. 

Jeff Owen, bicycle and pedestrian coordinator said the task force is designed to open lines of communication between SMART employees and local citizens interested in the topic. 

In 2006, the city adopted a master plan that outlined projects and ideas about how to connect the two sides of Wilsonville since the city is split down the middle by Interstate 5. 

"Overall the task force is designed to be a platform to get feedback and news about anything bicycle or pedestrian related and to provide residents with materials and knowledge," Owen said. 

Thus far, SMART has received about 20 responses of interested participants for the task force and is expecting more in the coming weeks. 

While the task force does not have any voting power to speak of, Owen said the idea is not to be a governing body but a way to get people talking about bikes and walking in Wilsonville. 

"This idea is a little new to the city, we just want to set up an informal gathering ... we want people to see the future in this sort of thinking and sharing," he said. 

The task force also hopes to involve citizens in projects around the city such as the Wilsonville Road project and designing a bike road map. 

That project, funded by the city is part of an expansion near the Interstate 5 on ramp at Wilsonville Road. It will include a raised bike and pedestrian path with art along the sides of the overpass. 

The group will also be posting information on the new city website that is expected to launch later this week. 

Owen said all information from meetings and discussions will be updated on a regular basis to help include those who can not attend regularly. 

He hopes regularly meeting with a group of people interested in bike and pedestrian information will lead to more projects and finding out what citizens of Wilsonville want from the city and how to make emission-free commuting a bigger part of everyday life.